Author Topic: Jewelry is the eternal witness  (Read 4307 times)

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Jewelry is the eternal witness
« on: January 20, 2014, 08:19:40 PM »

In the eyes of the woman's Pandora Charms UK , like a magnet in general, eyes unknowingly stuck in it at that , it kind of stuck like magic in general Irresistible force . Legendary woman Elizabeth Taylor , who has numerous pieces bright, amazing jewelry, give her a legend in life , men are to please her with boxes of jewelry to her gallant, jewelry bring a woman's joy and excitement, is not depicted and described between speech !

The world , there is nothing a woman can not refuse even more than diamonds ? Perhaps, in addition to love . But sometimes love is no match for the diamond that bright light ah. Shakespeare said that glitters is not gold. Because it also may be other Pandora UK Sale.

There is a woman , dying before looking for a portrait artist to her , to give her a painting artist diamond necklace , gold earrings, jade Thomas Sabo Charms . Artist said that these things are not like you, ah. The woman said, "I know, but wait for me to die , I'm sure my husband marries another woman , the wife of a look at this picture, must also redouble ask for these , he can not afford to marry ." Oh , the world's most toxic woman heart , man we saw probably will take a sweating .

In fact , here is another interesting topic , why do women like Thomas Sabo UK Sale ? Use jewelry to prove love ? The only answer is a woman : the long night , Guzhennanmian , jewelry gives a sense of security and warmth of heart , like the Cubs hold spring roll children in the wilderness kind of warm , but also lonely and beautiful.

I am reminded of the " Breakfast at Tiffany's " movie to sell diamonds Tiffany described as a dream-like "No sad place ." Of course, this problem is entirely perspective , to Tiffany , sad man . Therefore, the " Breakfast at Tiffany's " in a very awkward place to Paul , he was only ten dollars, can only afford to buy a phone dialer . But Tiffany is obviously a very sensible kind of business , and did not put him scaring away , but to bring his own ring engraved with the name . Noble place Tiffany & Co UK also here , it does not judge by appearances .